Saturday, July 28, 2007

Back among the living...

A little summer excursion to Corpus, a round trip to CHA in Chicago, and a house full of temperature-running kiddos...It's been a full summer already. And still, my scrapbook room remains cluttered and not-so-perfect but I promised I would get there by end of summer. Ahhh, two more weeks. As far as CHA, well just get your Visa and MasterCards out. So much cute stuff coming to the Scrapbook Pad and coming soon. I think the new KI stuff was my favorite because it's just so loud but some really adorable vintage-shabby-chic stuff from...oh, the name escapes coming too. Just so different and cute cute cute. Oh, and Prima watercolor paper!!! It's just the coolest. Gosh...It's just sick to get this giddy about papercrafting products. Well, I'm in good company with all you other sickos at least.

Enjoy, Create, Observe

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Heather said...

You're definitely in good company! Do tell me you recieved the photo I sent of your layout... please tell me it arrived... please? If not, PLEASE call me so I can try again... 817