Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Envision Mary Tyler Moore throwing her hat up in the air as she walks the streets of Chicago in the opening of the Mary Tyler Moore show. She's happy, carefree, and celebrating something I think. Well, now that I've really dated myself...I just found out I have another published layout out there. And with Cosmo Cricket. Wahoo!!! Sure, almost anybody can be "published" these days but I'm still celebrating because I don't really want to work at this whole "being published" thing and let it happen if it happens...and it's happened again. I think I ended up getting pregnant 3 times with this same philosophy. LOL ! Just wanted to share...gotta go find my flying hat. I may just have to eat it later.
Speaking of eating, I started BOOT Camp today. Not U.S Army boot camp-which I have done by the way, but that is a whole other story-but Fitness Boot Camp. Have you heard of this??? It's a crash course in Fat kids Summer Camp I guess. Needless to say, after my work out this morning at 5:30, all I can think about is how sore I am and how some nachos, ice cream, or pizza would really just make it "all better." Ahhh, a full belly and a nap. I guess my Drill Sargeant did not yell or humiliate me enough this morning. There's no shaming me into being fat. Ugh! No,I'm gonna do it for a month and see how things go, clothes fit, etc... But for now, just celebrating my 15 split seconds of creative fame, even if it is only in my head.

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Heather said...

Yo! Did you get the photos of your cowboy album? If not email me here at work... hales@firstam.com and I'll send them from here.